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Garden Rooms / Extensions

Utilising a Structural Oak Frame is the perfect way to extend your property and to add something unique to your home.

Open plan styles are popular and have benefited in recent years from the advent of extremely efficient glazing units, creating not only beautiful light filled spaces, but spaces that are fully usable year round. A quick look through some of our past projects will reveal just how visually compatible Oak Framed Buildings are against many other building styles and materials. In addition these structures require no treatment/finish and are therefore toxin and maintenance free.

The oak used in all our projects is prime grade and has been carefully selected to ensure not only a beautiful Oak Framed Building but one that will last for generations to come.

Please feel free to call or drop us an email to discuss any plans you may have to extend your property.

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"A subtle blend of Craft, Design and Inspiration"

** All the oak used by Yorkshire Oak Frames is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and is either FSC or PEFC certified. **