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Residential / Commercial

The benefits of using Green Oak in the manufacture of residential and commercial developments are many. Some examples of the benefits that might be relevant to your project are;


Creative, flexible designs, unique to your project


Hard to resist the charm and beauty of a well designed, well made Green Oak Framed Building


Green Oak Frames blend effortlessly with many other styles and methods of construction. Whether against stone, brick, steel or glass an Oak Frame seems to offer a visual unity that only increases with the passage of time and use.


The benefits of using Green Oak for construction purposes has been well publicised of late. Green Oak used in oak frame manufacture has the lowest embodied energy of any construction material. Research has shown there to be 5 times less CO2 produced in the processing and manufacture in an oak frame per tonne compared to a steel frame. The closer a material remains to its natural form, the least amount of energy consumption, and therefore CO2 it is responsible for.

In addition to this, as all our oak is sourced from certified woodlands between 2 and 10 trees are planted for every one harvested.

Less downtime

The fabrication of your Structural Oak Frame takes place in our framing yard and only when it is completely finished is it delivered to site. The frame can then be erected in a day or so for a smaller frame and 3-5 days for a larger frame. This allows an enclosed frame within a very short timescale making the complete build less subject to costly delays due to the vagaries of the British climate.

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"A subtle blend of Craft, Design and Inspiration"

** All the oak used by Yorkshire Oak Frames is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and is either FSC or PEFC certified. **